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Free Range Chicken - Whole

Free Range Chicken - Whole

Whole, free range chicken. $6.25 / lb.


Discounts are available for orders over 50 lbs (9+ chickens). Please contact for more information.


Our Chickens are raised on untreated pasture and are free to roam as they please. They have shelters for protection from weather and predators, but spend most of their days happily foraging in the fields. The chickens predominantly forage for grasses and bugs but are supplemented with a small amount of gmo free feed to ensure their nutritional needs are met. We do not use steroids or antibiotics of any kind on the farm.


Chickens are typically between 5-6.5 lbs. We do have larger chickens available (7-9 lbs), please send us a message!

    PriceFrom C$6.25
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